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  1. Fluzzy


    and bhop is ez i know it but you clearly didnt read my topic, i said this deadview guy is bhopping on a hill like its nothing, 20 perfect bhops uphill, but when admin joins they stopped all of a sudden. so stfu pls thx.
  2. Fluzzy


    how can you know if you arent even in the server when they are and they pretty much admitted it themselves, an admin can look in the chat history of deadview and i told him that i was gonna report him he responded with do wyw and then said am i the only one that is scripting, so with all respect shut up, you are not therewhen they are doing it so you have no idea lol, but clearly no one cares about this.
  3. Fluzzy


    lol no so youre telling me they can bhop up a hill without scripts and all perfect jumps (silent jumps) if you think that then youre so stupid, anddddddd they always stop bhopping when an admin joins i wonder why??
  4. Fluzzy


    hi guys im flushh, so i want to play mg again on this server but almost everyone is using scripts and its so annoying, so could you please warn them but not ban cuz no one would be playing it then because so much players are scripting xd
  5. Happy Birthday.