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  1. Happpy happy Birthday ;) <3

  2. EnVyUs LennyS

    2kliksphilip <3 for dank videos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 3kliksphilip <3 for hammer tutorials ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. EnVyUs LennyS

    I packed my map carefully. Added trigger_teleport on top of it... Deleted earlier versions + readme file. Updated the pictures. But when stand on the block it doesn't tp me back to the checkpoint... I've followed this tutorial... Still doesn't work. How to fix it? @@Calig @@Tariq
  4. EnVyUs LennyS

    Done updating... read the update 1.4 in gamebanana page @@Calig @@Tariq Don't add it now, I'm doing a big update.
  5. EnVyUs LennyS

    Okie dokie, I'll try to improve this. Done. -Spawn points increased to 32 (16 for terrorists, 16 for CT). -Removed and applied one block of skybox on top of the map. -Replaced all info_targets with info_teleport_destination. -Removed all water blocks and applied one huge water block. -Moved trigger_teleport on top of the water. -Moved the lamps. -Made a teleport at the end to teleport to teleport_destination_1. (material is toolstrigger so you can't see it). -Replaced trigger_teleport texture with toolstrigger. -Althrough there are some incorrect spawns, may you fix it for me please? Thank you. @@Calig @@Tariq
  6. EnVyUs LennyS

    Update 1.2: view it in gamebanana ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @@Tariq
  7. EnVyUs LennyS

    Update 1.1: added light_environment
  8. EnVyUs LennyS

    Map name: bhop_spiral_lennys_v1_6 Difficulty: 1-2 Download link: http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/190321 Pictures:
  9. real madrid 1-0 man city and real madrid advances into the final with atletico :D

  10. EnVyUs LennyS

    Microsoft Lumia 532 = 2.190.000vnd = 98USD xD
  11. EnVyUs LennyS

    *portal fan*
  12. EnVyUs LennyS

    Intel 80386 GeForce 256 RAM 64B Windows 1.0 enjoy CSS at 999 - until the space is no more - 999 fps
  13. i don't have anything in my mind

    1. Sinagrida
    2. XXitachi
    3. Yabba


      You actually have millions and millions of neurons in there, so...

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