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  • Re-Branding The Community

    Operation Re-Branding
    - Scroll down for simplify version, if this is too much to read -


    We have started to Re-Brand the community to give it a refreshment and a new base.

    As we didn't want it to be that big of an change, we decided to go few steps behind and come back as EUFrag as where we started from.

    The reason we didn't use this name originally was because it was taken by a domain re-seller company, that held the domain for 2 years.

    After they decided to give it away, we managed to get it back to ourselves. We could have also come up with a new unique name,

    but it would have been too much work, especially for the current state of the community. This was fast and easy solution.


    We meant to take over the old EUFrag Steam Group for ourselves, and by first look it seemed promising.

    Now we realize we can't demote old moderators from the group, nor access to group permissions and change it.

    That reason we will have to consider creating a whole new group, or just stick with our current one, which uses the name of CS-Frag.com,

    as being the reason to create/switch the group. Will make another announcement once we have decided about it.


    CS-Frag Facebook Group aka. "EUFRAGFOREVER" will be also taken down and switched to perform as a page,

    where we will share community content and announce important stuff. If you only follow us via Facebook,

    go and like our page on Facebook, and receive notifications immediately when new content is posted.

    Currently it looks empty, but we will make the switch very soon, this as being an early warning for everyone.


    Here are some other stuff we have been up-to:


    Closing CS:S Zombie Escape & Zombie Mode

    For long time the servers has been inactive and not much updates pulled out recently, nor events.

    We will begin with closing CS:S Zombie Escape and Zombie Mode servers, and they will be moved to CS:GO.

    Official closing date haven't been decided yet. Depending if decent amount of members are up for final events.

    Otherwise the servers will be closed 10th of February on Sunday. (Vote in the poll top of the topic)

    As replacement, we will be opening Dust2 Deathmatch server for CS:S, along with Minigame and Bunnyhop.


    New CS:GO Servers

    We have NOW opened our "very" first CS:GO servers, starting with Zombie Escape and Zombie Mode.

    Once CS:S servers has been closed, we can transfer the old statics for new servers to keep them safe.

    • Zombie Escape: (Join)
    •    Zombie Mode: (Join)

    Currently the servers only has the very basic settings done, so they work and are playable. After seeing how they work with more players,

    we will made changes upon that. More servers to be opened very soon.


    New Fast Download Server

    As some of you have complained about the download speed being slow or not able to download all,

    we took a look at the download speeds of our old server, and apparently the download speed was very unstable,

    sometimes going from MB to KB and so on. We now have a new server for FastDL, and should be stable and faster then previous one.


    Changes In Forum

    As for forums, I took my time customising the previous theme to results like this.

    Dark, soft, grayness, friendly for your eyes. All not-so-popular old topics has been moved to forum archives

    to make the forums easier to browse and find up-to-date content.

    • A new homepage is on its way, which shows you the most important announcements of the community.
      Those topics will appear in Announcements forum. All minor changes and updates will be made under the main forum
      of Announcements, "Events & Announcements" -forum.
    • Player reports are now hidden from public view. Reports are only viewable by the reporter and the admin team.
      No more drama and hate between players. Admin abuse and unban requests will be proceed in public.
    • We have also updated the forum chat box, which fixed recently used emoticons.

    Final words

    There are still stuff to discuss about, such as the in-game store credits and other minor things.

    More info about them coming with their own announcements. Most of the things will happen once we have got rid of

    CS:S ZE and ZM servers, like the domain change. So vote in the poll if you are interested of the last events on those servers.



    • Changing Community Name
      • As for refreshment to re-brand the community, we're switching name to EUFrag
      • Domain will be switched from CS-Frag.com to EUFrag.com upon closing the CS:S servers
    • Closing CS:S Zombie Escape / Zombie Mod
      • Opening Dust2 Deathmatch server to replace them.
    • Social Media Pages
      • New Steam Group to match with creation date/name of the community (Soon)
      • Closing Facebook Group and opening Facebook Page - EUFrag.
    • New CS:GO Servers
      • Zombie Escape & Zombie Mode are open.
        • ZE
        • ZM
      • Servers we will open in the future:
        • Bunnyhop
        • Minigame
        • Jailbreak
        • Retakes (1v1)
        • Competitive (5v5)
    • New FastDL Server
      • Old FastDL server download speed was dropping randomly. New one is faster and more stable.
    • New Homepage
      • On the new Homepage you will be able to see the important announcements of the community (Big events, major updates..)
      • All non-important server changes and updates will be posted in "Events & Announcements"
    • Changes In Forum
      • New forum theme customized from the previous theme.
      • Forums has been cleaned and old posts moved into archives.
      • Gaming and PC Hardware forums has been moved under General Discussion forum.
      • All old player reports has been archived, and now on they will be only seen by the reporter
        and server admins. Admin Abuse and Unban request will remain visible for registered users.
      • Fixed recently used emoticons in Chatbox

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