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Major Update July 18th 2016

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Welcome back after small downtime! Here are some info of recent changes and updates.


The forums has been now upgraded to newest version with new theme and features.

Once you login the new forums, your LAST display name will work as your Log in name.

Before it was possible to login with name of X but display on forums named as another then login name.

But for now you can only log in using your latest display name of your account.


Old Friends system has been replaced with Followers, which totally makes more sense than before.

You can also view your own activity from your own profile, and still customize your "About Me" Page.


For current donors; you can't longer view how many days you have remaining of your VIP status,

but we're keeping track on it and see what we can do in the future.


There still might be errors showing on the forums, cause we still have few things to do, but we decided

to not keep the forums closed anymore since they can be now used properly.


We will be bringing cF-Member applications back within few days.


That's pretty much everything for now.

We will open new servers soon and share more information on time! 


~ CS-Frag Staff


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