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Guide to Zombie Mod - Terminology

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The ZM gamemode has soem terminology (special words) that you should know (or even better use) when you play ZM. Generally most of these apply to ZE, but not all.

Nobody did it, so I did.

1 - stacking, stack, boosting, boost

When players jump on top of each other's heads to reach seemingly unreachable places and platforms.

2 - cading

It roots from barricading, ie. putting physics props in front of doors or windows to block access to the rooms.

3 - ace

When you kill the entire team by yourself. Really impressive.

4 - crouchspace

A very tight and small place (like a vent) that humans can only enter by crouching, usually hard for zombies to reach. When the beginner zombies spawn in there, it can cause a horrible chain-kill. (see: start-round chain-kill)

5 - tubing, tube, tuber

When one or more humans hide inside a circular concrete tube, (or a different crouchspace, for that matter). They usually equip a m3 shotgun, and they're usually unstoppable if they do that.

6 - pixelwalk

An area that you can walk on, that is very thin (as if you're walking on a wire/string).

7 - knockback

This is what it's called when the zombies fly back due to being shot from humans. Different among weapons. For the best results in zm, choose P90, TMP, MP5 or M249.

8 - nading, nade

A nade is a grenade, and nading is throwing grenades. Usually nading refers to throwing HE grenades, smoking refers to throwing smoke grenades, and flashing refers to throwing flashbangs. But in most zm servers smokes and flashbangs are forbidden.

9 - nub

May also be spelled as: newb, noob, n00b, newbie. A player who is new to the game, hasn't learnt the ropes yet and usually makes silly mistakes.

10 - mother-zombies

Stupid term, I don't use it. I use beginner zombies instead. It means the players that are automatically and randomly picked to become zombies at the beginning of each round.

11 - pro

A player who has been playing the game for a long time, and has a significantly higher level of skills in the game than other players. You might also call him a veteran. (see: nub)

12 - start-round chain-kill

When all humans are stuck close to each other in a spot and one becomes a beginner zombie. Then he infects all the rest humans in that spot because they have nowhere to go. Usually in a small vent etc. (see: crouchspace)

Thanks for reading, and one day the zms will take over the world.

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