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I Am Converting Something for CSS P90 Slot

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hello guys so for the past 2 weeks i have been studying and learning how to convert a gun from cs1.6 to css but since nobody decided to teach me or even help me i decided to figure it out myself it took me a good 20 tries in 2 weeks this skin is still in 2% just because it still doesnt have any animation and texture basically this is a regular p90 on iiopns animation for cs1.6 but i decided to convert it to css heres the picture


im also gonna do a player skin soon when im done with this Thnx -Reed

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UPDATE : Textures And Hands Added

No Animations Yet idk if i can convert it but ill see what i can do


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UPDATE : Well the Animations are doing quite well but the hands dissapear everytime the reload and draw occurs idk whats causing the problem overall the p90 is 70% this will be finished by tomorrow if u guys want the skin pm me Thnx




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UPDATE : New Texture 


All i need is Sounds Can Anyone pls Give me some  .wav sound files for the p90? thnx


i need five sound files









Im gonna "RELEASE" this later

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