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want help in remaking a 1.6 map to css and csgo

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its been forever from last time I've been here (years)


BUT ...... yea but


I'm remaking a map called nth_lets_take_mothers_take for CSGO.. I finished everything but the house and the underground 


also, I'm searching for a way to add the tank and make it work in CSGO and CSS


if u want to help me that would be appreciated ill give the 1.6 BSP file


the reason I'm remaking this map and not just decompiling it then recompiling for CSS and CSGO is i don't have the WAD file so no textures at all


1.6 bsp: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4nyp3bil7c4c2c1/nth_lets_take_mothers_tank.bsp/file

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