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Minecraft - Modded Server

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Make sure you run 1.12.2 - or newer version of Forge,
and set min. of 4 GB ram for your profile to run the modpack properly.



General Information
- World border is set to 7 000 x 7 000 (3 000 x 3 000 in other dimensions)
- You will keep your inventory and XP upon death
- Players are not able to create nether portals, use the one set in spawn
- All Advent of Ascension spawners has been protected from breaking


Mods list

Advent of Ascension

Actually Additions

Biomes O' Plenty

Chisel + Chisels And Bits


Flat Colored Blocks


Refined Storage

Solar Flux Reborn

Flat Colored Blocks

Wearable Backpacks


XL Food Mod


      Enabled Biomes o Plenty Biomes

ImjqdZi.png     jYHye3h.png     okSj1Ab.png


sQM4e7l.png     teZtWqP.png     L5Q2yK0.png

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