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  1. theracord

    I can confirm vasya does this frequenlty, when we're playing a map that he doenst like he starts trolling then and dies on purpose to become a zm and ruin the game. He also ask his friends to knife him as a zombie to make bigger jumps and kill humans easily. Vasya is and stays cancer of the server.
  2. rip for us nonsteamers ;d, gl with the future development of the server, was fun playing while it lasted.
  3. theracord

    your music taste is depressed as fuck lol, irl problems much l0l
  4. theracord

    Any updates about the ping kicker? Will it go through? or leave it for now?
  5. Name: Raiden [eF] SteamID:   idk Server:     zombie escape Reason: Item trolling Proof: 1 Pic where u see raiden change his name to ?? ,and then continue trolling. And a demo with proof https://files.fm/u/nvveefff
  6. Name: Nightmare_<Con SteamID:    Idk Server:     Zombie escape Reason: Trolling, he didnt give a shit when i said i made a demo, he continued trolling like 5 times Proof: https://files.fm/u/z4xxx994 https://files.fm/u/q8wwcccg
  7. theracord

    Still trolling , he got warned again , but he continue trolling and with the answer : i dont care Name: k1ng_ SteamID:    idk Server:     Zombie escape Reason: Item trolling Proof: https://files.fm/u/wrhhrrnn
  8. theracord

    Recently there are some players with a huge ammount of ping , who ruin the gameplay of other because they are lagging like a mofo and its like the are teleporting ingame and kill people easily , as a example ,player "fidelink". He always has 400-600 ping and its like he is teleporting and knifing humans from 5meters distance lol, no joke , THIS IS not a personal attack, just as a example. Other servers got a ping kicker, where u get kicked if you have a to high ping, is this not something for this server? Greetings
  9. He has been trolling wall 3 times , unfortunately i didnt have my demo ready when players died when he trolled. He got warned before. Name: K1ng_ SteamID:    Server:     Zombie escape Reason: item trolling Proof: https://files.fm/u/z6d8h7d4
  10. theracord

    Mate everone is trolling on mountain escape, it always been a troll map. No reason to slay me for that, even admins troll with items. Your action was wrong and thats my final answer. Please act to your age (full grown man? lol)
  11. theracord

    Your in-game name: Your Steam ID: Theracord Admin name and Steam ID: Fouzy In which server it happened: ZE Time of incident (include time-zone): 15:35 EU Your side of the story: Fouzy kept slaying me for killing him several times while playing mountain escape. I understand its a troll map , but no way that its allowed that admin keeps slaying/slapping people , i tryed to talk to fouzy but he cant even speak or understand english. I've heard he is a junior admin in "training" but they new admins suck overal. They dont even give warnings to mic spammers, item trollers etc. Dont they understand the rules? Demo/Video evidence: https://files.fm/u/wywv9cnf
  12. Hello, since short calig added new maps, which is a good thing. but i noticed at this moment and rate of players . we can only play shit maps and same mape over and over again. Before the update we can regularly do pirates/sunlight/sandstorm now we cant even do them because of the lack of players and the new changes of the update. Can you fix this? Today i have played for 6 hours straight and it was the same maps only , we couldnt nominate any maps like pirates or any of the new maps. Overall this sucks . period. And a other thing. Where the fuck are the admins? People trolling items/ leaving every round when they become zombie/mic spamming. Plz make a european guy admin so he can play on european times. Greetings
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