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  1. ok its fixed now somehow, you can lock the thread.
  2. is there a server variable in the server cfg called "sv_competitive_minspec" or something like that, since that caps the fps to 59. Every setting of VSYNC is off, my game is running in high priority, fps_max is set to 999, cant go to spectate either cause my game crashes for some reason.
  3. My vsync is off globally, no need to do this. Why would that value change just on this server and not others?
  4. My vsync is off, i tried disconnecting and setting my fps_max and that didnt work.
  5. When i join the bhop server my fps gets capped at 59, on other servers it doesnt get capped. I asked ppl in chat on the server to see if they get this also and they say "its normal". I have a 75hz monitor and having it capped at 60fps gives me immense screen tearing. Any help is appreciated.