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  1. GoodGuy Habib

    oh thx man. as you know the other servers of ZM in csgo are trash and bad not like yours. so yeah i will be waiting for css zm server again or csgo. honestly i prefer css it will be great. thx again :)
  2. hello everybody :D i miss ya . in this topic i am requesting to add a server in counter strike global offensive . that server about zombie mod and i want ... and i think every one want that server to be like the old counter strike source server of zombie mod . it was relly cool and fun and playabal. the server will be simple (no aditional not needed mods or skins or effects) every thing will be simple just like the old css zm server :). i rly hope the server come back alive in CSGO. let the glory days come back :D. thx for reading :) ♥
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