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  1. Welcome to the community :)

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    Not as many logs as i expected, as far as i can see not a single 0.5 Dev, considering those logs are collected over a pretty long period of time. (thanks for including high gain logs, i take that as a compliment) How i develope my strafes i can easily show, but what non strafers want to see there is a mistery for me. As far as i know, something considered a Strafehack is not an optimizer, and i dont remember having tas like 99.9% gain strafe at all Anyway, without sounding too much of an asshole, could you please just talk with me on steam ?
  3. Jungle

  4. Jungle

    Name: Jungle ((ノ≧ڡ≦)) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:116629587 Server: [EUFrag.com] Bunnyhop | Ranks | Anticheat | 100T Admin: Calig I played casually on bhop_mixtape chillin, getting an okay time on it ".8 something", beating the SR by 0.01, said meme'ish "legendary" > calig responded "not so legendary" and i got perma banned immediately after without possible contact to Calig afterwards
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