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  1. Paatan

    I dont agree. I think this skin doesnt fit in our thema of zombie mode.. There would be a lot of skins already and this is just some ,,add another skin - skin" Another argument, why I wouldnt add this skin is because, actually every server, that has a bit of players, is having this skin.. So it would just be another 0815 skin. The skins that are on our zombie mode server now are not on every server. For example the trenchcoat skin. honestly, this is one of the skins, that I just saw for the first time on cs-frag zm.. I wouldnt add it ^^ ~upcoming zh member patan ly
  2. Paatan


    okay guys, thank you for everyone´s help. I think you can close this thread now. ~upcomping ZH Member Patan
  3. Name: VansteR SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:15994953 Server:    ZM Reason: Teamkilling Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ur99x8vd5px4z5c/teamkilling.dem nice
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