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Killing Floor 2 - VS Mode

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Event details

We will be playing Killing Floor 2 - Versus Mode on map 'Monster Ball' on Hard difficulty (Depending on players perks lvl's).

Server will be kept locked until everyone has joined the match (Max 12 players), and after if any slots are available, we will open the server for everyone.


Each team are gonna get chance to try both sides of the mode (Human & Zombie). One match is probably taking around ~ 30 minutes,

really depending on the team. If you got interested of the game, you can view it down below. It's currently on sale -67%


Server Details

NAME: [EU] CS-Frag.com | Hard | Versus Mode



PASSWORD: csfrag


If the join button is not working for you for some reason, join from console (F3) key:

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