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  • General VIP Commands

    sm_vip - All vip commands in one menu.

    sm_tagmenu - Shows the main Tag & Colors menu.

    sm_toggletag - Toggles whether or not your tag and colors show in the chat.

    sm_tag - Changes your custom tag.

    sm_joinmsg - Custom message that appears when joining the server.

    sm_glow - Change your players glow color.

    sm_colors - Change your players glow color.

    sm_rainbow - Enable rainbow glow colors. Adding value for the rainbow command, will define the speed the progress.

    sm_tp - Enable thirdperson. Toggle On/Off


    VIP Players has access to use all store items without any cost. During your VIP time, you still earn store credits that can be used

    after your VIP expires. Store is included in all our servers, but store items may vary from server. Use !store to start shopping



  • Bunnyhop Custom Chat Tags

    Console Commands

    sm_ccname - Enables or disables your custom chat name

    sm_ccname [args] - Changes your custom chat name. Requires arguments following the command.

    sm_ccmsg - Enables or disables your custom chat message

    sm_ccmsg [args] - Changes your custom chat message. Requires arguments following the command.

    sm_cchelp - Provides help with custom chat options


    Chat Commands 

    Any of these commands can be put into chat by replacing "sm_" with "!"

    !ccname - sm_ccname

    !ccmsg - sm_ccmsg

    !cchelp - sm_cchelp


    Useful Websites

    You're going to need these in a second

    Hex color picker

    Hex gradient generator


    Changing colors and setting up your tag

    To change the color of any character you have to put a ^ followed by a hex code before that character.

    If you don't know how to find a hex code here's some steps to show you how to make a blue A

    1. Open up Hex color picker

    2. Find a shade of blue you like using the sliders. For this example we are going to go with pure blue, or 0000FF.

    3. Copy the code at the top next to the # but do not include the #.

    4. Type ^ then paste the code you copied right after.

    5. Type "a" without quotes directly after the previous step.

    6. In console this would look like "sm_ccname ^0000FFa"

    7. If everything is done correctly in-game, your name will look like this - a

    A full example of this would be ^FFFFFF[^00E1FFPro^FFFFFF] ^009900Name

    This would look like [Pro] Name in game


    A quick example of changing your text color would be "sm_ccmsg ^FFFFFF" This would make anything you type appear white



    Setting up a gradient is a little bit more complicated and takes a bit more time.

    Here some steps to show you how to do "bhopper" in full green to full blue


    1. Open up Hex gradient generator

    2. Type your full tag in 'Your Message' field e.g [Tag]

    3. Choose the colors you would like to use (2 recommended)

    4. Change the 'Output Code' to Hex Code + Text

    5. Replace all the # with ^ and your gradient tag is completed.

    6. Use the command !ccname <insert your line here> in-game to apply your tag.


    {name} will be replaced with your steam name ("^0000FF{name}" would be your steam name in full blue)

    {team} will be replaced with your team color

    {rand} will be replaced with a random color

    {norm} will be replaced with normal chat-yellow color

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