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solved annoying player..

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Name: --OHMYGATT-- Bamze Mr.Noob

SteamID:   STEAM_0:1:11193848
Server:  surf server   
Reason: insulting 

Bamze Mr.Noob : fuck off
Karacik™®© suicided.
Costalvania killed Sen@tor with g3sg1.
georgian_gamer suicided.
Bamze Mr.Noob : ill go afk faggot
ﮱﮔᴌіᴢᴢαᴙĐ™ suicided.
Costalvania killed (1)For-css.Ru with g3sg1.
[cF-Member] freekiller by knife^___^ : go noob:D
Costalvania killed For-css.Ru with g3sg1.
Karacik™®© suicided.
Costalvania killed .l. with g3sg1.
Bamze Mr.Noob : your noob free. your mother tolf me that

georgian_gamer suicided.
HardPlayer suicided.
Bamze Mr.Noob : sry free. i just fucked your mother :)
Say !quake or /quake to set your quake sounds preferences
For-css.Ru killed Get_Easy with p228.

iam sorry but i cant take a screenshot cause my game version.

let the work to you...


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I saw the chat logs from both of u and being a Surf admin aswell i will take this situation under control.

His chat history is bad and started insulting peoples mothers etc.

Must be a 12 year old kid. Actions will be taken. Gagged for 3 weeks.

Thanks for Reporting freekiller:)

Play clean .


Also. I like how u dont show ur anger to him in the chat. Keep this work up:=)





PS: If a staff thinks a better punishment etc. feel free to do it. But i think a 3 week gag if enough for this.

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