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solved Getting gagged and muted by XXPortal unfair reasons

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Hello around 2 pm i played in minigame server, A player named Winston started insulting me by calling me stupid and i reacted and so on he called me a bitchass and so on, i reacted back, but then i got muted and gagged by admin XXportal, while winston could still type??? how come this is not right, please check your admins i thought they should treat people equal.

-=Winston=- : omggggggg
*DEAD* -=Winston=- : stupid
individual_D : e i think is yu stupid
-=Winston=- : shut the fuck up bitchass :D

KenT : individual can you SHUT THE FUK UP

Remember i didnt talked anymore. that guy KenT came out of nowhere with this comment backing up his boyfriend.
this was only because he died earlier before i did like come on its a game. and was talking crap that im the reason they lose, while he was dead already, shittalker.

Then the admin XXportal gagged and muted me nextmap, while i see winston typing whatever he wants.. 
Maybe i shouldnt reacted the same way but this is not okay. everybody should be treated equal and not get privileges because their 'friends'..


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First before everything you get only gag

Gagging you for being rude to our mg
and i don't gag without reason and you need to respect players 



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If someone doesn't start acting like a kid and start insulting others because he lose then i will respect him too, but it makes no sense that you gag me and not him, while you know i stopped talking on his level, and while you warned him 3 times and he said ok ok, but still continues, apparently your friend get the privileges in that server, while everybody should be treated equal! and you need to treat people equal because this is just abuse of power..

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Topic closed. NOT ABUSE. And please follow the correct form next time or your "reports" will be deleted.


Admin abuse is when a administrator does something for his own gain.

Do not post threads about getting banned for something that's said in the rules just because you didn't bother reading them.

You need to have some sort of evidence. Don't just count on the server logs.

If you have no evidence at all, don't bother posting.The evidence must be solid.

If you do not follow the format, your thread will be locked.


Use the following format for reporting admin abuse


 Your in-game name:
Your Steam ID:


Admin name and Steam ID:

In which server it happened:
Time of incident (include time-zone):

Your side of the story:
Demo/Video evidence:

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