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Name: zloy.pl.ua

STEAM,ID: STEAM_0:1:19579998

Server : Zombie mode

Reason : rejoining as last zombie (ALWAYS)

Proof : 

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this is my first ever report because this kid always pisses me off with his Russian mics and rejoining + more stupid things

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Hello, thanks for reporting the player to us.

Actions will be taken against him, as its against the rules to disconnect as last zombie. Since its his first ban, it will be only for one hour, and most likely he will never know about it. But keep your eyes on him and feel free to report another rules breaking actions. 

Do you have some proof about his mic spam? So I can also mute him? Thanks.

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And I have another question for you. Are you sure this is his exact steam_id ?

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I typed Status in console and it didnt show his Steam ID, i took his steam ID from Steam App i searched for him, and i didnt find another zloy, but maybe its not him.

Anyway Jamnass is always there when he speak Russian in mic and he got muted many times

He's on the zm server most of the time, i always see him

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37 minutes ago, GLORY said:

thats his steam ID

 thanks, topic closed 

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