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solved Always insults ZH. Clan

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Name: |ĞЯ!ΣZ♏AЙЙ

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:16151644

Server: ZM

Reason: Insulting my members

Proof:1/ https://gyazo.com/89ad1ee61c7a3c46e66b6d431d316cf2

         2/ https://gyazo.com/5698fea1f75ea845a69618c21c651486



I don't know what his problem with us and what he wants, but barely he does that because we kicked him from this clan before cause mistreated, i can deal with him if he did this just with me, but he exceed the red line already he does that with everyone, and we know this player he caused a lot of problems, better known by his names (Stevie, Hellboy, Genesis...) truth is clear by itself.


We need to see ZM more fun, not destroy it by such situation :)


Thank you in advance.

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I see he deserve a long gag for insulting some of zombie mod players .

anyway lets see what owners/head admins say about it .

note the player has 5 or 6 bans

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I have a long history with our dear Genesis, a gag will be the perfect solution to the problem, As I see.

  Actions will be taken, and thank you for the report.

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