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Privacy & Reporting a player


The only users allowed to post in the request thread are the players involved and admins, nobody else.

Prefixing your post with "I know I'm not supposed to post here" or "Sorry for posting here" does not cancel out this rule.

If you want to report a player from our servers, you would be required to give us some details of the player you want to report with evidence.

This section is mostly for serious offences in any of our cs-frag servers.

Please provide the following:

Name: The player's in-game name at the time of demo / screenshot
Server: In which Cs-frag server was this taking place?
SteamID: You must provide the player's STEAM ID in your report. e.g STEAM_0:0:121075183 NOT [u:1:12345678] 
Proof: This could be in form of demos, screenshots, youtube video. Etc.

You are required to include proof or your report might be ignored by admins.


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