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EUFrag's Huge Winter Giveaway!

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This time we want to give back to the community! We found unused Random Steam Codes dusting in our old archives,
and chose to draw them among our community members. With the code you can redeem free game from Steam.
The value of the games varies from 1-10€. The draw is handled out daily between 1.12. - 24.12.2021, around 6pm UTC +2 time.
You can participate every day, but only win once!



- The draw will be held on our discord server.
- Participate in the draw by reacting to messages on the #giveaway channel.
- If the same member wins, the draw will be repeated until a suitable winner is found.
- We will contact the winners via private message on discord.
- Redeem your code before end of the year 2021. Codes will be revealed to everyone by that time.
- Share to your friend and have them also a chance to win a free game! :HYPERS:


Good luck to everyone!



QxTCecx.png Founder



QxTCecx.png Founder


VITDZDd.png   rD2IdIM.png   J7PEXx2.png   tSOHPq8.png   Fa019Jl.png   gDtMn7B.png   rVElT57.png   kr7qnEX.png   XNutpvi.png   R7bb300.png   Cfyw16q.png   rfRjibi.png

qYNp4MN.png   ZVhuUra.png   e8aZKVV.png   QCIpeNv.png   IQWYWEH.png   kNXK9lU.png   yM42NxO.png   0iXMG76.png   h8POmbZ.png   r3Yvbij.png   JkqoC38.png   EuoetBY.png

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