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Minecraft - Modded Server

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Welcome to our modded server forum topic!
Here I'll keep you posted of server bugs, problems, your feature suggestions and all that.

To join our Modded server, make sure you run  1.12.2 -  version of Forge,
and set min. of 4 GB ram for your game. Otherwise your game might not work.

Known Issues:
● Connection Timeout might happen when joining from lobby to other server
         ○ On 2nd attempt to join you should get in.


To-Do List:
● Protected spawn in each dimension
● Disable Ender Dragon and build portal

Good To Know:
● World border is set to 7 000 x 7 000 (3 000 x 3 000 in other dimensions)
● You will keep your inventory and XP on death
● Players are not able to create nether portals, use the one in spawn
● All Advent of Ascension spawners has been protected from breaking

Discussion Topics:

- As the way Advent of Ascension handles teleportation to other dimensions by Ancient Teleportal, I've thought about creating

  an portal room with all dimensions in it. To get in the dimension, you would need to pay the dimension realmstone.

- Currently you can exit dimensions with /home and /spawn commands, which makes things quite easy.

  We will keep it this way for now, but might change it upon players opinion.


Biomes o Plenty
ImjqdZi.png     jYHye3h.png     okSj1Ab.png

sQM4e7l.png     teZtWqP.png     L5Q2yK0.png

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