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Pending 2 hackers instant kill with aim lock hacks and fast damage

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Name : Elite Nyam
Steam id : STEAM_0:0:1377172097

Name : TolikVodila
Steam id : STEAM_0:0:1622269719

Server : Zombie Mod

Reason : both of them always stick together, they can shoot and damage your health super fast unbelievably  , they hit on head like super fast..the hitting rate were super high....very unusual hits than zombie mod pros....even from far, they can watch zombie hide and track them....it's absolutely different from how we normally play.....i believe they use aim hacks, or scripts, and wall hacks. their hitting accuracy is so high for a new player, they just hard to breach in even in a small room

proof :

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adding proof
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third picture proof after few mins i quit the game
look at their hdk rate = 100 percent for most of kills
and their accuracy is high for very new players in zombie mod.

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Thank you for your report.

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