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My stupid little art corner of the internet

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When I have no useful things to do, I like to draw stuff in photoshop or make animated gifs. Instead of making a new thread every time I want to share something, I will collectively upload all of the pieces here. (You can of course also view my collection here)


You are free to download the images and use them privately or commercially, just don't reupload them as your own art.


If you like them let me know and if you think they're crap then feel free to roast me till the end of time. :)

okay  here  we  go:



Wallpaper - Night (1080p and 4K versions available)





Wallpaper - Gray Mountains (1080p)





Wallpaper - Hexagons - The blue version (4K)





Wallpaper - Hexagons - The red version (4K)





Audi RSQ supercar from the movie I, Robot (4K)




I don't have a schedule because I do this as a hobby and nothing else, but I'm gonna make more soon. I think.

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I'd like to request that you make a 720x1280 wallpaper in hd. Theme it around hemoglobin and dna

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Mobile Wallpaper - OnePlus Never Settle - Pink Plush (2K)





Mobile Wallpaper - Stars Above (2K)





Mobile Wallpaper - Broken DNA (2K)




@Deadview since you asked for it you can download it from here. I'm also going to make one with hemoglobin, because it's the coolest protein around town.

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