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Green Tea

Some ideas for events and a suggestion for ze

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I have some ideas for ze events that i would like to see in the future 



Download link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/175581

-72 spawn points

-4 difficulties

-4 items

-1 boss

*note*:I suggest playing map with 100hp for humans for a better challenge at boss. The map also requires a lot of tryharding as there are a lot of long hold points.





Download link:https://gamebanana.com/maps/193554

-64 spawn points

-5 round and 1 zm round

-6 items for humans 

-3 items for zombies

-4 bosses






Download link:https://gamebanana.com/maps/195

-64 spawn points

-3 human items 

-1 zombie item 

-3 levels





Download link:https://gamebanana.com/maps/188192

-2 levels


-2 bosses

-zombie skins



3. *Special event*:We take 6 maps which are somewhat hard, only a handful of players can win and has only 1 stage and we play a map each day and the winners of the maps will be rewarded according to how many maps they won


I still need 2 maps to do this and the maps im currently thinking of are 











Download link:https://gamebanana.com/maps/197509

-64 spawn points

-6 stages

-player controlled boss

-human items and zm items



*note*: the map has an event system which will determine how hard it will be defending the core at lvl5. This is a newer version that was released 5 days ago as im writing this





Download link:https://gamebanana.com/maps/186356

-4 stages

-5 human weapons

-2 zombie weapons




5.ze_fapescape_v1_2 (no items)

*i think you all will have the map and know about it*






-64 spawn points

-4 stages

-4 bosses

-10 items






- 4stages (3normal stages + secret stage)
- 13items for human (6items per 1round)
- 2items for zombie 
- all stages has bossfight





*i think you all will know how these map works and will have them*






7.ze_ffxii_paramina_rift_v1_4 AND ze_ffxii_feywood_b3_1


*these 2 maps will need a lot of players to win*







*EDIT*: I would like some map suggestions from you guys for the 6 map event.



-EDIT 2-: I will extend this post with a few more suggestions




Instead of ze we can also have some mg events to bring back the server from its dead status, they dont always have to be big maps like mg serpentis, mg aer fabula or mg rota derp. 


For example: We can have some maps like - football (with no rewards, ofcourse!). we can have course maps where we race each other to the end and the first 3 or 5 players who win get rewarded. But this doesnt mean we shouldnt have big maps as events.


Moving on, we never had any surf events ( i think ) so with every level reset for surf rpg there is always the possibility of an event.



Now i just have some fun things we could do in ze, for example, play bigger maps with fail nades, reverse knockback, low grav, giving zm a nade for every kill 3 to 5 kills they do to offer a bigger challenge to the humans. This can also be applied to zm!



Also, how about increasing the ammo  (i.e- tmp (30 bullets))  for certain weapons (i.e-tmp (from 30 to 50)) as with all weapons apart from p90 and m249 and the dual elites I constantly find myself running out of ammo. This will also encourage the use of the other weapons aswell.


So thats all i have for now!


So @Calig, @Tariqand @VaNsTeR do take your time to read this.



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I will respond to this suggestion soon. Thank you for your suggestions and taking your time for it!

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Bump. Forgot this one. will come back to this soon. lol

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