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Pending Player: Raiden [eF] Item trolling

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Name: Raiden [eF]

SteamID:   idk
Server:     zombie escape

Reason: Item trolling
Proof:  1 Pic where u see raiden change his name to ?? ,and then continue trolling. And a demo with proof



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I have permission from vanster. Ill talk to Raiden since hes my friend. Wait for what hes gonna told me about this.


edit: i already talk to him. hes said he only trolling nightmare_<condor> for karma. but he accidentally trim other guy too. he wont do it again. just wait @VaNsTeRrespond.

Edited by FideLink

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i need to wait vanster answer

FideLink : Vanster can i speak to raiden

Vanster : GTF OUTTA HERE !!:lenny:

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This player has been given another chance for now.

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