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Banned Too Much for Zblock bhopscript + Aimbot Report

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Name: k1ng_

Steamid: STEAM_0:0:56735239 

Guy im reporting: Totally not too much for zblock

Guy im reportings type of steamid (dont really know what this is called): [U:1:598405826]




So, i was playing on your guys' ZE server, when this guy came on, 0 rank points, no experience in ze, whatsoever, but! He was bhopping faster than anyone else, he could make "perfect" jumps up hills, he could bhop faster than people who got speed boosts, just going normally. Then, when he was holding zombies, his screen would flick, like all the time, and always hit the zombie he trying to aim at. Thats breaking 2 rules. Please ban dis dude


Proof https://www.mediafire.com/file/w4t7ysspxu5k79o/_cheater.dem


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Thanks for the report but i saw him now myself also cheating. He is banned.

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