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2nd Anniversary - Events 11th - 17th September

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A year ago, we celebrated our first anniversary hosting an soccer match. This year we have a lot more, a lot!

This time we celebrate our Second Anniversary starting from 11.09 - 17.09, so in the next coming week!
Every day of the week we have organized some kind of events! All of them starts at the same time at 6 PM GMT +3 time.
Each player also gets a FREE VIP week during the anniversary party! At the same time each server has 2x GameME Points!

Below this information you will see exactly what we have planned.

Thanks to our event Managers for organizing and planning the events! Hopefully every one of you can participate.
We also understand that many of you have come back to study or work. If during the event there is a shortage of players,

we will cancel the event and try to arrange it next coming weekends! All sudden changes will be first informed here!


Thanks to all community members who have been here hanging out with us! Also for all newcomers!


See you at the events!

















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Nice template, herr Calig. I will try to make it on time for the zombie tower + nemesis. Sounds fun. Also, happy anniversary cs-frag.

Edited by XXExodus

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5 hours ago, XXExodus said:

Nice template, herr Calig. I will try to make it on time for the zombie tower + nemesis. Sounds fun. Also, happy anniversary cs-frag.

I actually didnt think you would ever visit us back lmao. Good to see you back tho.

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I hope all the hard work pays off, you guys really deserve it for putting your backbones to the servers and everything else, long live cs-frag!

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Cs-frag Forever


On 9.9.2017 at 0:35 PM, Tony Montana said:

guys wtf with every one does i quit then back wtf 

You only think about yourself:why_u_no:

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respect for you calig, you are so damn talented and skilled when it comes to design/PS good job on what you did in the top ^^


btw gl with the events :^)

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ANNIVERSARY WEEK 11.09 - 17.09.2017 WINNERS!


Here are the winners of the Anniversary Events of 11.09 - 17.09.2017!

There was quite many demos and pictures to check to find the actual winners,

so apologies for the delay. But now we have gone thru the demos and screenshots and here are the winners.

HUGE thanks for everyone who participated to our anniversary events! Hopefully seeing you all in our events in the future!



SCORE: Vanster 4, Tariq 3, Hichem 2, Ismail Lilou 2, Silver 2, WhitespliFF 1, Vandetta 1, Rix 1, T3RRA 1

REWARDS: Hichem, Ismail & Silver - 2 Weeks VIP | WhitespliFF, Vandetta, Rix & T3RRA - 1 WEEK VIP


Thanks for participating!

JON SNOW, Hichem Lilou, Escape- Tunisia | By SiLVeR, S.Y.E.D, Rix, Rise of Revolution, The rumple,

Slash, Salih, Ismail Lilou, Mercy Vandetta, T3RRA, WhiTeSpliFF, Uchiha Negative, Lady Insane, El Joker & FPT.



MATCH #1/2 SCORE: Rise 5, Silver 3, Syed 1, Rix 1, Mustilos 1, Rumple 1, FPT 1, Tariq 1

REWARDS: Rise & Silver - 2 Weeks VIP | Syed, Rix, Mustilos, Rumple, FPT - 1 WEEK VIP

MATCH #2/2 SCORE: FTP 3, Hichem 1, Rumple 2, Syed 1, Xoom 3, Vanster 1

REWARDS: FPT & Xoom - 2 Weeks VIP | Hichem, Rumple, Syed - 1 WEEK VIP


Thanks for participating!

FideLink, S.Y.E.D, T3RRA, Rise Revolution, Hichem Lilou, SiLVeR, Jamnass, Xoom, Rix, The Rumple, Mustilos,

Vandetta, Jon Snow, FPT, Bukhlaev99, Jackie Chan, Useless Retard, Shadow PR, FuNnYBoY Majki Dziwko!,

abody, Sloath, Panisher™, Wummele, Uchiha Negative, teebee, Vanster, Fouzy, Ismail Lilou,



We managed to build a tower of 28 players! It's not much and I know we can do better.

There are pictures of the Nemesis and zombie tower event down below the post in spoiler. Good job everyone!

From bottom to top: 1. Xoom 2. Abody 3. Silver 4. Vanster 5. FPT 6. Jamnass 7. Croucher 8. Rise revolution 9. Abdellatif 10. Hichem Lilou 11.Shadow PR 12. Slaxxy 13. Jon Snow 14. Harue 15. Chafik 16. ReLaX 17. Vikus van'de'Merve 18. WhiTeSpliFF 19. FideLink 20. Bandit 21. Re'szeg (HUN) 22. BROK3NT3RRA 23. Kwebbelkop 24. S.Y.E.D 25. WU 26. SirAditya 27. Aster 28. Shume - 1 WEEK VIP



We completed all the levels without any kind of admin abuse, some slight teleports used on chains stage.
REWARDS: Richards Gary, Silver, Migza, Vanster, Whitespliff, Aster, Syed, Moltard, Krusty Burger, i3, FideLink, Terra,
Rse, Rix, xoom, hichem, jon snow, Aster, Shy Neko, Rumple, FPT, Maxemor(noclipper), Uchiha negative, Hyyge, classicoffensive,

B O I I I, Shadow PR, Rix, Syx - 1 WEEK VIP


'Bug' Boss Winners: Richards, The Rumple, Uchiha Negative, Rise, Wander with creepypasta, Vid, Max, Syed, FideLink,

Vanster, hyyge, classicoffensive, ShadowPR, Hichem lilou, Syx, Profanity - 1 WEEK VIP


SHROOM 1 & 2

SHROOM 1 REWARDS: The Rumple, El Machoo, Vanster, Silver, ZE is not lasers, Rix, Whitespliff,

Abody, Vid, d-f, amelia,vid,rumple - 1 WEEK VIP


SHROOM 2 REWARDS: Vasya, Rumple, Daenerys Targaryen, Silver, FPT, Xoom, Rise, Bolbol, ausmist,

                   Mouadox, Vasya, The Rumple, Daenerys, Silver, FPT - 1 WEEK VIP



After playing the map for over 4h we finally managed to beat the map with score of 6 - 27! Gj everyone!
REWARDS: ZE FFVII Mako Reactor V6 B09 GaGaGa(New), ZeDanny, Vampire - 1 MONTH VIP




Rounds score means 1 week VIP. e.g Dodo won 4 Weeks VIP from first match and 1 Week from second match.

Total of 5 weeks of VIP. We will also reward 1 WEEK VIP for the Top #3 players by kills.


First Match Top #3 Kills:



Vikus Van'de'Merve


Second match Top #3 Kills:

Shy Neko


*Epic n00b*


Open spoiler to view pictures of our Nemesis and Zombie Tower Event!











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