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Denied Barricade Shutter Door Blocking

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Today I was playing Zombie Mod server, an incident happen at zm_day_ctec_b2_fix

Players who used Soda Machine barricade to glitch block the shutter doors

Shersun - STEAM_0:1:91599381
JustLa - STEAM_0:0:12692755

Although I was looking for an admin to tell this matter during the game, no one was bothering and no admin present there. As I know, we shouldn't do this glitch to door as it's quite impossible to breach through inside. I told JustLa but it looks like he did it purposely....he keeps on shooting me and others who try to near that stuck soda machine.

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In this case you are supposed to use !calladmin and a menu will open where you can type the reason why you are reporting this Person.

However for the next time record a demo for this. I dont think the picture is enough evidence since anyone could have glitch the door with it and could get stuck behind it. Or on the first screenshoot maybe making a picture of the guy actually inside the building instead of making outside of it.

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