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What about opening Dust 2 only Server ?

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I think opening Dust 2 only Server will populate the other servers because Dust 2 only are played by a lot of people.

1st If you think it's a good idea and we really open Dust 2 only Server I will apply to be Admin there because I really like playing Dust 2 only and I have been Admin mostly in such servers.

2nd Everyone likes Dust 2 only and if we add some cool plugins such as VIP colorful chat,bonus money and 3 grenades per round.

3rd In the end of each map we can add voting for 3 round mode for instance Headshot only,Grenades only and Knives only.I have seen on some servers there are clan ranking and seasons in the of season 1st 2nd and 3rd clan get Gifts such as all the clan members get 3weeks  2 weeks and 1 week free VIP.

4th  If we  want to save CS-Frag as a community we need Old school server which will populate the others.

5th Did you guys remember the old EUFrag Deathmatch it was most of the time that Server made EUFrag popular.In my opinion if CS-Frag.com opens our own deathmatch or dust 2 only we will have much more people in all our servers.



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