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Found 150 results

  1. ParadOx-

    Name: Pineapple Pizza SteamID: U:1:293005396 Server: [CS-Frag.com] Zombie Mod Admin: N3ON47 What happened: I used hyperscroll again . Can you give me another chance please?
  2. VasyaPupkin

    The RUMPLESTILSKIN ZE 14:59 I played and did not touch anyone. I'm just a noob and when I shot a zombie, I missed it. So I was eaten by zombies and I infected all people. But the admin thought that I specifically do this and banned me because of personal dislike. I haven't demo cuz i didn't know that this can happen
  3. sasuke

    PlayerSasuke Uchiha No Demos Steam IDSTEAM_0:0:517424741 Steam3 ID[U:1:1034849482] Steam Community76561198995115210 Invoked on11-05-17 12:17 BanlengthPermanent Expires onNot applicable. ReasonSMAC ConVar sv_cheats violation Banned by AdminCONSOLE Banned from[CS-Frag.com] Zombie Escape | EUFrag | FastDL | ... Total BansNo previous bans Blocked (1)Sasuke Uchiha Hi,! I will ask if you can give me unban I really didn't know that I had this command, 'cause I play cs source from yesterday, and i like your servers
  4. Satyriasis

    Name: SatyriasiS or GGG SteamID: [U:1:7932326] Server: Zombie Escape Admin: I do not know What happened: i can not take item Hello I come to you to make a request, since a week I can not recover the weapons item on the server ZE. I do not know why the admin did this, I use the items that against the zm and I have never been abused items on my team. Thank you for giving me a reason and removing this ban. Cordially.
  5. VasyaPupkin

    I ask you to unmute me and understand that times have changed and now the eufrag is also played by Russians, I ask you to make eufrag international and allow you to speak in Russian because more than half of the online eufrag is Russian 1.VasyaPupkin(shit map) 2.Ze 3.U:1:8827466 STEAM_0:0:4413733 4.Xoom
  6. ElJoker

    hi , im was playing ze while i play my internet disconected , im joined again and i dont whats happen , im baned!!!

    Name: KISS ME SteamID: STEAM_0:0:117829297 Server: [CS-Frag.com] Zombie Escape | EUFrag | FastDL | ... Admin: VaNsTeR What happened: I got permanent banned for bhop script i didnt know it isnt allowed so im sorry i will never use it again so it will be nice if i can get unbanned i really enjoy this server

    name: Abdul Hadi Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:139891525 server: zm admin: Hichem lilou What Happen: Well first of all i dont have any demos and screen shots because i was not recording that time well i was speaking in minc that SuperVladys said shut up you kid i said him nothing but then when he said me gipsy i got angry me and supervladys were fighting that hichem come and said me that enjoy your one week gag and said nothing to supervladys thats not fair! so sorry for that hichem i will never do that pls ungag/unmute i will just respect you all see this and its your choice to made your desicion!
  9. Tony Montana

    name : tony montana steamid :0:0:859875568 server: zm admin ; Saxi what happen : when i play i say to hichem : u kill ur time in zm hook in the tunnel then saxi gag me for derespect but i respect all admins and players and i never gonna derespect so plz ungag me
  10. Name: Doom49 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1532399476 Server: From All probably. Admin: VaNsTeR What happened: Well this kid Doom49 is a good friend of mine but sometimes he gets a little too excited that he changes his name to other old players. He's a good kid and doesn't mean no harm. He was banned from the servers for a week which is expired but he is permanently gagged and muted. I talked to him and made him understand that changing the name to other players shall get him banned forever. As he doesn't understand English quite well so he couldn't understand the warnings given to him before by the admins. As he's a kid and doesn't understand much, i'm writing this request on his behalf. I just want him un-muted / un-gagged, as he's fun to play with!
  11. Tony Montana

    plz unban me : 1-Tony Montana 2-Steam_0:0:859875568 3-CS-Frag :: Zombie Mod (7/32) FastDL | GameME | 4-team kill 5-iplay in server zm_atix panic and in choper jamnass kill me and i infect thers who close to me and jamnass says give tony a ban then i got banned i hope you unban me fast plz
  12. Hello,dear administration,perhaps there was such a mistake. 1.✌✪♔Jelly_♔✪✌ 2.STEAM_0:0:565956312 3.CS-Frag :: Zombie Mod (7/32) FastDL | GameME | 4.Console 5.I played on the server and I play on the map zm_clouds_v2_1,then I noticed that I have not worked a hiding place,and then I switched to a single game,and I had to enable the console command sv_cheats 1,then I found the reason why I have not worked a hiding place,and then when I left the server forgot to turn off that command and forgot to turn off noclip,in the end, I was banned permanently via console,how can this be solved? Thank you for viewing my application.
  13. T3RROR

    See i didnt do anything ... i was spamming... yes i do agree my fault and then i said sorry and said i will be a good guy from now .. was talking to The Conqueror Kal and i got muted 2nd incident : I WAS TALKING TO MORIN AND SOMEONE AND SUDDENLY Hichem said Terra N WORD = BAN ... i didnt even say any single word about the word .... I GOT ONLY 1 QUESTION : hichem why you hate me ??? ANSWER : ????????????? so i just want hichem to treat me like a human not like a dog... ok eeryday i got scolding and embarrassed infront of all ...this is what happening everytime ... no proof ... see the chat if can .. for now goodbye ... <NO HATE SPEECH OR RACISM> GOODBYE
  14. Mix

    Name: Domedrd SteamID: STEAM_0:0:561583409 Server: surf Admin:console What happened: well I will tell the truth i used macro click (gs auto clicker) i would like to get unbanned cuz i miss this server to much. i wish you forgive me for this
  15. Viva ImaGe Line

    Your in-game name: Viva✫IмaGe✫Liиe™ Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118701207 Admin name and Steam ID: JamNass STEAM_0:0:93495167 In which server it happened: Zombie mod Time of incident (include time-zone): This evening 13 Jan 2017 17:05:34 Would you like to know how I behave? Simply if i don't like someone i will thinking to give him a ban and how! To provoke him or try to create a reasons or if he do any small mistakes whatever maybe his mistakes was an accident, you want to know which one? Pretty sipmle that the pro players or who kill the zombie/humans when i am trying to kill, simply who would to compete with me. This is your real face, most of them know about that. I have enough of problems in my life and I just if I find free time for trying to play a video games to forget my problems out. You are crazy about ponit/rank that makes you have coarse behavior that we see everyday, can you make your anger away from us? Abused every time, cuz we're only players no one listens to us. About my ban, this photo explaining my situation, the number 1 represent me and Number 2 my friend and 3 jamnass with the others inside the hole. http://www.mediafire.com/view/9trpqdonttuq6jd/15992273.png (reason ban zm on purpose!). while other zombie came behind us and he killed me and I killed only one player that was with me I did not edged even, you told me i am edged i said i am not and you said you broke the rules I said i am not and you said you deserve the ban and i said oky ban me and stfu this word we all use it while you use it with us normal? If we! its insult? http://www.mediafire.com/view/vez1nb5nvmnmwb4/Untitled.png Here a video record was from few months. the least that can be said how's he dealing/acting http://www.mediafire.com/file/wzjzn6clwkv2yr3/Demo1.dem
  16. mantasst194

    In nowadays (this server) in banning reason you can type want you want, cause nobody cares, but still is full area to ban. Get ban with this reason: "Being one of a hell troll. Blocking buttons. Blocking people with props. Bad language." With NO demo, and banning situation was that I was (ze_lotr_mount_doom_v3) on the top of stairs, and stay here. I also not have ring, ring was felt on the ground. So I get ban with this reason :DDD Vunster again being kid (or actually she is, probably yes, cause shes avatar seems very possible). She bans everytime me for nothing. Just explain how this text realated with situation. I am troll? What is a troll? Standing safe on the top, or just suicide jumping down? Is being troll means being safe? why should player suicide? No logic, in her kiddy vanster head. How became admin. Cause hasnt brains, is little scarry girl, or what? (its just a question) Where I block buttons, and how to block people :DDD My language still better than her, and average server language. Why banning when somebody crying without any proof? Why abody saying I always trolls, but have NO proof, only somebody guns with item falls in hell. And erytime shes right, cause kid has admin. Why admins are kids, not old players, why in EUFRAG times I dont get bans, but here always shes banning. Why nobody bans rankwhore reconectors, like mr. cs and others? OK, just think what u dedicate as admins.
  17. aneom

    Hello, Im aneom and I am reporting a blatant cheater named Ветерок(-_-) Name: Ветерок(-_-) SteamID: Im prety sure he is nosteam and i dont know how to get his id Server: Minigame server not too long ago Reason: Aimbot (not sure about wh) Proof: I got a demo You can find the demo here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00668354902790759461 I wasnt aware of any other ways uploading a file for free. If there is a problem with the file i can always send it to you via email. Or i can record it with obs and send it. If you got any suggestions please contact me. Thank you for your time
  18. Reed

    Name : sacaprout/The Troll Steamid : STEAM_0:0:729625429 Demos : 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/75et7d99m7dgiky/sacatroll.dem?dl=0 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7koircyii3mprm/sacatroll2.dem?dl=0 blocking buttons intentionally on "ze_mirrors_edge_reborn_v4_2"
  19. Name: Cemeni4 <<- 1 [pRoFi] (@$$$BOS$$$@) <<- 2 SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:1485018500 <<- 1 STEAM_0:0:1743888474 <<-2 Server:  Surf RPG Reason: Two players killing each other in empty server in spawn just for leveling (Demo will explain more) reaching more than 100 kills Proof: Demo : http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbq8gkmqx9boyys/cheating.dem
  20. Raelrysan

    Name: [pRoFi] (@$$$BOS$$$@) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1743888474    Server: surf Reason: spawning guns at jail Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccntrq77o2ygitc/%24%24%24bos%24%24%24.dem
  21. Name : Eugene Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:1424671962 Server : Zombie Escape Reason : Disconnect as a last zombie. Proof : http://www.mediafire.com/file/1nuts6am3gn721l/last.dem
  22. abody

    Name: Your name SteamID:   STEAM_0:1:93860116 Server:     [EUFrag] Zombie Escape (27/64) FastDL | CS-Frag.com Reason: Items troll - team killer - zombie on purpose Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jqi20x1nxkganc3/yoiour.dem http://www.mediafire.com/file/b1zd5n53ma8ldo0/yoiour41.dem http://www.mediafire.com/file/z72w22ik543nuqm/yoiour5.dem this guy came back again . he got banned last month for trolling key in shroomforest today he trolled again many times. i didnt record everything teamkilling in haunted lab, troll items in pirates and being zombie in purpose in doom map. he trolled the wall 4 times in 1 round ( first demo ) and trolled medal and dropped bubbles ( second demo ) zombie in purpose ( third demo )
  23. Raelrysan

    Name: Josep SteamID: STEAM_0:0:562469254 Server: cs surf Reason: spawning lots of pistols till the server lags Proof: https://www.mediafire.com/?xtirmo0bna9jjfi now I really demoed the correct person
  24. Uchiha Desu

    Name:Kelyan3 SteamID:STEAM_0:0:2105181428    Server:[EUFrag] Zombie Escape (10/64) FastDL | CS-Frag.com   Reason:Disconnecting as last zombie Proof:
  25. Name:Asshole SteamID:STEAM_0:0:729625429 Server:[EUFrag] Zombie Escape (12/64) FastDL | CS-Frag.com     Reason:Prohibited Spray/BAD SPRAY! Proof:Here's The Private Spray He's name now is Your Name and he's keeping trolling here's the DEMO of him LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/file/csdnl9sgeqzenm1/trolling.dem BECAREFUL FROM THIS GUY HE'S KEEPING CHANGING HIS NAME AND HE KEEP TROLLING IN ZE
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