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Found 1 result

  1. Calig

    Style commands !style - Change your style. !au - Autobhop !n - Normal !le - Legit !lg - LowGravity !sw - SideWays !hsw - Half-Side-Ways !w - W-Only !d - D-Only !a - A-Only !bw - Backwards !u- Unreal !tas - Tool Assisted Speedrun Timer commands !rank - Shows your rank. !ranks - Show list of attainable chat ranks !r - Teleports you to the starting zone !b - Teleports you to the bonus area !end - Teleports your to the end zone !wr - Show the world records !bwr - Shows the Bonus world records. !mapsdone - Show maps done for Main timer on Auto Bhop style. !mapsleft - Show maps left for Main timer on Auto Bhop style. !time - Shows information about the specified player's time. !tier - Shows you the tier of the specified map. Useful commands !hide - Toggles hide on other players. !spec - Be a spectator !specs - Shows who is spectating you. !stats Shows the stats of a specified player !keys - Toggles showing pressed keys !noclipme - Puts you in noclip. Stops your timer. !top - Shows the list of top players. !overtake - Shows records you have lost recently. !rr - Shows recent records !stuck - Unstuck yourself !tpto - Teleports you to a player. !topwr - Shows the rankings of players ordered by how many records they have. All Commands