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Found 2 results

  1. [sharedmedia=finalCountdown:countdown:3] MG_Serpentis_Temple_V1 Click To Download Let's try again to beat the map, since we learned a lot from last time. Vote in the poll which day we should keep the event. Either 5th or 6th of June. You have time to vote until 3 PM GMT +1 Time. Vote Results: Server: CS-Frag :: Minigame IP:
  2. Calig

    mg event

    As requested, This Saturday after Zombie Escape event, we will be having an event, and we will be playing; MG_Serpentis_Temple_V1 Click To Download Server: CS-Frag :: Event Server IP: Status: Online The server will be opened after Zombie escape event. You may invite your friends if they want to join! Hopefully we get to complete the map! :cheerful: