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Found 9 results

  1. Name: SniPer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:235225913 Server: Zombie Mod Admin: NEON What happened: Recently, he was trying to jump into a high place, Zombies would have killed him, but I saved him repeatedly then when he dead I said to him "loser + lenny as a joke" but he gagged me for 1 week (raison : Enjoy !!!) , I said no problem for that. So, today we were in lila hacker...I run away to the secret when the gates, I was waiting for the zombie who was following me for knife him to the hell. I did that and I gone out the secret...after that the zombie says to neon "SniPer is camping in the secret", he didn't ask me directly slapped me until death. I was so angry then I said to him "noob admin, Fu*k ur mom, ni**a" on mic and I quite. Now when I have come back from the school I saw that he gave me 1 year gag/mute.
  2. My ID http://steamcommunity.com/id/GANGSTERSHOPSEN777/ Was banned for using CTRL + space! Thank you! But it does not cheat on bans hop but just skill! Unbanned me PLS
  3. Acid


    Name: Acid™ SteamID: STEAM_0:0:371826570 Server: Zombie mod Admin: console It happened again eye test violatin which means aimbot dont use no aimbots i was playing with all admins in game server and u can check my kill stat i have no kills for the past 2 hours with my weapons u can ask admins in the server they were there too. if i used aimbot ill be getting all kills and i dont have no kills. at this point i honestly dont know what the fuck is wrong with cs frag servers and me keep getting banned. Im done with NON STEAM PIECE OF A SHIT counter strike
  4. Players "Justla" and "Kaban" where killing their own teammates and me in zombie mod,map was zm_siberia.They use that antitank gun at the edge of the map and shoot zombies and humans.
  5. Today I was playing Zombie Mod server, an incident happen at zm_day_ctec_b2_fix Players who used Soda Machine barricade to glitch block the shutter doors Shersun - STEAM_0:1:91599381 JustLa - STEAM_0:0:12692755 Although I was looking for an admin to tell this matter during the game, no one was bothering and no admin present there. As I know, we shouldn't do this glitch to door as it's quite impossible to breach through inside. I told JustLa but it looks like he did it purposely....he keeps on shooting me and others who try to near that stuck soda machine.
  6. Tony Montana


    hi i am here to request for ungag and its just a shit thing by me cuz i say to hichem why gaged my frend and he say to me close ur mouth and i think mouth means another thing so i think he dont respect me so he gag me PERMANENT !!! and i am sorry hichem if u read that i just dont know what mouth means and i say to him dont respect too fast and i dont know the means : sorryyyyyy steamid :0:0:859875568 HICHEM LIL0U zombie mode
  7. Maxemor


    Name: FuManBoobs SteamID: STEAM_0:1:19604156 Server: CSS Zombie Escape Reason: Disconnect as last zombie Proof: This screenshot http://imgur.com/D65pZ2e He disconnected and by doing so he passed the infection to me as you can see in the chatbox, please take action on this.
  8. Jackal


    Player unnamed for opening secrets to zombies(by secrets i mean door and walls).
  9. Name: PIRATES ARMY TRAPLIFE Server: CS-Frag Zombie Escape SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1436376753 Proof: Player's chat history: http://stats.cs-frag.com/player_histories/chat/68890 Thanks for your time.