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Status Updates posted by h1dden

  1. Happy B-day dude! :kappa:

  2. Keeping it together Bree?

    1. N3ON47


      I'm alright... as long as I don't think about it too much...

    2. h1dden


      You are safe among friends, never forget it.

    3. h1dden
  3. Happy Bday dude! :KappaPride::kappa::kermit:

    1. Deadview


      Comrade скрытый i thank you :pog:

  4. Happy birthday :kermit:

  5. Tak tak tak... Happy birthday buddy! A long time we have a lot of fun in games together, especially 7 days to die XD. Wish you health, big salary and patience (to get over apex crashes morally ye).

    1. N3ON47


      Thats the most blyatiful thing anyone has ever wrote me sukiri. Thank you blincheska. :kermit::kermit:


  6. h1dden

    Happy birthday :kermit:

    1. Amy


      Thank you :)

  7. Happy B-day dude! :winklenny:

  8. Happy birthday dad:kermit:

    1. Calig


      Dad :kappa: Thanks! :kermit:

  9. Hppy Brthday kek

  10. Well, Happy Birthday, Hichem! Wish you health, happiness and all the best! ;)

    1. Hichem


      Thank you hidden :)

  11. Happy birthday mate! :pepeD:

    1. SYED


      Thank you mate! :FeelsAmazingMan:

  12. Hey, Ayham! Happy Birthday mate! :pepeD:

    1. A Y H A M

      A Y H A M

      Thank you  bro:w00t:

  13. Happy Birthday! :partypopper:

  14. Happy Birthday, Surt!:kermit::partypopper:

  15. С днем рождения, Демон! :D Wish you health, happiness and all the best! And be as cool! :partypopper:

    1. DeMoN


      Ооо тенк you хахаха :lol:

  16. Happy B-Day , George :) Wish u health, happiness and good luck. So, a few words on russian from me: всего тебе хорошего, будь молодцом, старайся изо всех сил. "С ДНЮХОЙ ,БРАТУХА!" :D

  17. Hey! Happy Birthday, Ziggy ^^ Come back bro

  18. h1dden

    Happy Birthday DOC :partypopper:

  19. Happy Birthday Musti ^^

  20. Happy B-day, mate! :partypopper:

    1. SnoWolf


      Thank you mate :balloon:

  21. Hey! Happy Birthday, mate! Wish u happiness and good luck! And more subscribers to your channel! :D:partypopper:

    1. ShadowPR


      OHH thank you so much :)

  22. Happy Birthday, Banana! Hope you'll come back! 

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