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  1. Today was a day of silence/depression

    1. Yabba


      I get the feeling.

  2. Happy birthday


    1. Deadview


      I express my thankfulness :kermit:

  3. I've just seen Brimstone, it's a pretty horrible story. Please do not watch this movie it's traumatising.

  4. Happy late bday!


    1. Vanster


      just readed it now. fuck off xD

  6. The moment when eggs are dangerous

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    2. Maxemore


      Eggs are ALWAYS dangerous.

    3. XXExodus


      You choked on eggs? I mean really Harue?... really?

    4. Harue


      Yeah I baked a egg like it's little bit juicy the yellow part, when I've started eating.
      Everything used to be fine till I really started to choke into it.

  7. Happy bday!

    1. Vanster


      Its not my birthday fag

  8. Iiyama GE2488HS seems like a good monitor with some tweaking in the settings, atleast you can see true collours which doesn't appear on all monitors. For the rest I have mispurchased my cable, so lost around 20 euro and have to wait now around till next weekend for them delivered..

    1. Harue


      Good? I got already 1death pixel after one day of use..


    2. Uchiha Desu

      Uchiha Desu

      lel i think it's too expensive

  9. I haven't been on CSS due reaching out to other games which people led me too.

    1. DeMoN


      Play css you fag!

    2. Harue


      Hue I'm going to be overwatch

    3. DeMoN


      Overwatch fag  :kappa:

  10. :D thanks for all birthday wishes

  11. I became addicted to Wow, sadly enough hunters became bad in legion. :pinch:

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    2. DeMoN


      Well right now I play in private 4.3.4 server called Wow Circle.
      Actually I don't pay to play,I just watch youtubers who play wow legion,but I will try it soon.

    3. Harue


      Join silvermoon :D

    4. XXExodus


      Shamans are the master race

  12. Today my brain hurts

  13. Do you also eat ass?


  14. got good internet again :D with CAT6A

    1. XXExodus


      Nobody cares! :kappa:

    2. Harue
  15. The moment when you go to school in you're pyjama

  16. The moment when you go to school in you're pyjama

  17. Ready to play, if the router of this floor allowes me since it's litteraly garbage

    1. Yabba


      I feel you...

    2. Vanster


      u and ur garbage "everything" :D

  18. GTX1080's everywhere, exept in stock. :(

  19. Tomorow gonna try to get a real life dlc with strawberries, if you're wondering why I'm not online by then.

  20. 3day's have I have managed to survive, not being able to play games or run even facebook propperly. So this is how the life of a laptop user?

    1. Vanster


      rip harue. wjy does this always happen to u xD

    2. Harue
  21. If you ever felt sad I still haven't recieved my 1080. :'(

    1. XoOM =D

      XoOM =D

      1080 ?? SORRY I DONT SPEAK LONDON ..

    2. Abhishek (tyson)

      Abhishek (tyson)

      I speak London too

      But I am poor I can't even afford 1070 xD will buy and 480 instead

  22. The moment when white people try to spice up food, eventually ruin the whole recipe.

  23. Good luck all of you, i'm gonna approach towards Latvia. Till April 16th i hope, also maby got make a blog. :^)

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