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  1. Me too as soutie say also i join this community for a year and have good experience this server makes me feel happy! Keep it up!

  2. ZR@

    Hi, At first, I like the fornite harley queen skin in vip, can you add that skin guys just request because i love that skin so much and so much so pls calig can you add that skin again just request Thanks Not drj anymore - ~~ZR~~
  3. bro stop putting chinese girls photo :HYPERS:

    1. ZR@


      Thats not chinese uts korean now i use hacker

    2. ZR@


      its* Hello I'm back

  4. hday deadview


  5. ZR@

    Happy birthday portal!

    May all your dreams come true on your special day!

    God bless you!

    Have a nice day on your birth day!

  6. ZR@

    I cant believe, today is your birthday!

    Happy Birthday @N3ON47 May God bless you! May all your dreams come true on your special day! have a nice day! bye

    1. N3ON47


      Thank you very much. 


  7. Yo DR.J please can u buy vip for me I am JaiGaming Please Reply Me :blush:

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    2. Metal_Monkey


      ok thx for the reply :)

    3. Metal_Monkey


      Can U Tell Me your Bind Key's :FeelsOkayMan:

    4. ZR@
  8. ZR@

    I know this is not correct to post this i dont see report system so let me report here.. @.LoLikee_ use spray about sexu*l there are many who play css(eufrag) under 18 so they troll and i cant explain! this i report in this he use anime but before he use Humans alsoi will send the pic to calig in pm so pls ban or give a warning to him!, thank you
  9. ZR@

    @Warmiq1 hello
  10. ZR@

    im just come here because i cant make new topic i click the forum and choose but its not work so let me talk here! I have suggestion of server please make gun game like deathmatch server/bomb ct v t. Im awp king lolಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ pls make server like this not only zm and others i like ze more but no one play in eufrag so i suggest please make @ Calig @ Tariq i request and one morr question my internet speed is good and i cannot play well in zm my latency is too high (300-500) but my interspeed is like god speed i think this is bug! and one more ny english is bad sorry for that thanks to all -Dr.J
  11. ZR@

    happy bday!❤️🎉🎉🎂

  12. ZR@

    sorry gor bad english thank.you pleaee reply!
  13. ZR@

    Helo First, Ye im know i have bad behavior and spam others i always ask and disthrb others.. Sorry for that and i try to be friendly now i suggest/request to add new map on zm mode the name is zm_cbglc_b4 i like this map before in eufrag this map is in the server now when im.gonna nominate i dont find this server please owner/admin add this map. Thank you! One more q i want to learn floor/ grou d parachute for speed in zm like in the floor they jump and press e but.its slow when im at floor i know bhop but less i use mini and basoc strafe for parachute but its doesn't work please who know about this pm/dm me on forum! -Thank you for all -ɖʀ.ʝツ
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