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Status Updates posted by Soutie

  1. Happy New Year my lovely and beautiful friends!~

  2. Marry Crustmas

  3. Hellllooo people!~ Long time no see~.

  4. Didn't notice that i've been in this community for a year, nice.

    1. Calig


      Time flies fast :HYPERS:

  5. Just got into a relationship with another dude

    1. Calig


      Oh! Congraz to you!! :)

    2. Soutie
  6. No idea what i'm doing with my life right now.

  7. Are you guys hyped for the giveaway? Cause i am.

  8. I got a compliment from Yato about how i match "cat ears" with the member skin in ZM looks cute, thanks Yato, you made my day.

  9. Just watched Helluva Boss ep 7, the ending hits so hard and relatable.

  10. Today is a really odd day for me, i feel very tired in the morning, feels like i'm having a fever dream and also high at the same time.

  11. Why the hell does Asian people care about math so much, like i know i'm Half Asian but like, i'm shit at math.

    1. Abyss


      Idk search it hahahahahahahha

  12. Can't find a Therapist that can speak English here, continue waiting until i get my 2nd vaccine dose so i can return back to Singapore.

  13. Received a scam call, i answer the phone and say "Hi this is Dominos what can i get for you" and then they hung up.

  14. So a few hours ago there was a ambulance outside my apartment building, all the people in the ambulance were dressed in hazard suit, i was like "What the fuck is going on" but after minutes they leave.

  15. Sometime i wake up wanna die.

    1. Dr.J


      Dont say that..Abd Dont do that I am Dr.J

      This is my new acc..Jesus Love you..


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