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  1. ZER0

    Here is the download of this map if Calig is inserting it ze_ccc_floater_mislands_v2s
  2. ZER0

    ze_FFVII_Mako_reactor_v5_3 Special kickers: ex2 and ex3 hellz to make it quick. Just let us be fags for one last time.
  3. ZER0

    Moving zm and ze over to CSGO is definitely a step in the right direction, lets just hope the servers get populated
  4. ZER0

    I swear i'm not a weeb
  5. Goodluck with the holds and triggers on frostdrake, and goodluck with the boss on frozentemple.
  6. The maplist requires an update so here are some of the maps i feel that should be added to normal map rotations. -ze_deadcore_s6 -ze_Genso_Of_Last_b2 -ze_Genso_Of_Last_v2_0 -ze_grau_s2 -ze_mist_v1_3 -ze_stalker_ultimate_v2_3 -ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix3 This doesnt cover all the maps that are not in server, these are just the maps that would be fun to play with a low count of players or will attract some amount of players to the server (I dont have any strippers ).
  7. ZER0

    Some pretty cool music from ze maps: From ze deadcore D stage laser segment from ze grau lvl 3 after boss fight
  8. ZER0

    @Calig ummm...ze_slender, november 4rd . Is this some sort of running gag
  9. ZER0

    Last time ze slender was really successful with a lot of people in server (i think it was 45-50+?) , its worth a try this year as well.
  10. ZER0

    Damn, congratz my dude. Wish you success and happiness in your marriage!
  11. ZER0

    @Sinagrida please stop reminding me of this when playing some ze. Keeps getting stuck in my head everytime.