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  1. 1 hour ago, Ahmed Anes said:

    you wanna support make a funny videos i mean use the memes 


    Not really, sure those kinds of videos are fun every once in a while but if i only make those i feel like they're probably going to get more and more stale and boring/overused. (I'm also too lazy to search up all the dank memes :KappaPride: )

  2. I've been thinking what if we had a poison headcrab zm class available, it's benefit would be very low visibility but at the expense of incredibly low health, let's say around 1500 with very good health regen.

    Many other servers used this when i was an active player (not sure if they still do)


    Here are some reference pictures :





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  3. US-East (Virginia)144 ms

    US East (Ohio)156 ms

    US-West (California)207 ms

    US-West (Oregon)225 ms

    Canada (Central)151 ms

    Europe (Ireland)83 ms

    Europe (London)72 ms

    Europe (Frankfurt)63 ms

    Europe (Paris)71 ms

    Asia Pacific (Mumbai)168 ms

    Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)317 ms

    Asia Pacific (Seoul)340 ms

    Asia Pacific (Singapore)316 ms

    Asia Pacific (Sydney)391 ms

    Asia Pacific (Tokyo)331 ms

    South America (São Paulo)279 ms

    China (Beijing)235 ms

    China (Ningxia)1167 ms

    AWS GovCloud (US)223 ms

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  4. I wouldn't recommend it for the sole reason of ZH having several people with high ping playing from different parts of the world far from the server where it is hosted (France i believe) 


    It's not like their ping is high because they are abusing it. They simply live far from the server and can't do anything about it. The farther you are from the server the longer it takes for data to travel -> hence higher the ping. 


    Imagine if this was an australian community. Then we'd be the "odd ones out" , we would have 300 ping on average  and there is absolutely nothing we could do about it. Would you still be able to say we should add ping limiter?  I don't think so :kermit:

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  5. I agree some maps are not very good but I don't think any should be removed, some people might like maps which others don't. Also reducing map pool is generally not a good idea since less maps = more monotone gameplay / less variety.

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