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Status Updates posted by XXExodus

  1. Happy B-day to one of my best friends in this game @AET-Vid! Have a good one bro!

  2. Happy B-day Mein Führer Caligler! Wish you all the best bro!

    1. Hichem


      Happy happy Caliggi :partypopper:

  3. I will be even less active in the upcoming weeks, I have to deal with uni and gf stuff. Will join evenings for couple of hours.

    1. DeMoN


      Well I wish you good luck :P

    2. El Machoo

      El Machoo

      yeah i got 4 exams in 2 weeks now, so i feel ya. priorities. But gf>gaming??!?!?!?!?! (?) (kidding)

  4. Like harue himself, I fell for my old World of Warcraft love. I started playing the game once again. Just renewed my subscription. 

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    2. vinto


      one simple word, the elder scrolls online :squirtyay:

    3. vinto


      so we don't see you on ze anymore? :P

    4. XXExodus


      Naah I AM DIE HARD CS FAG :/

  5. Nice boobs, I almost fapped to them :kappa:

  6. Pidiot, I miss you :kappa:

  7. Vengeance is my only solace...

  8. Now, taste the VENGEANCE of the grave...!

    1. ACE


      Exo always with the deep and wise words bro :D

    2. XXExodus
  9. Bow down before your lord and master...

    1. ACE


      "Yes my Lord"

  10. Now I stand, the lion before the lambs...

    1. Harue


      and they do not fear, they cannot fear!

    2. XXExodus
  11. I will freeze you from within until all that remains is an icy husk.....

    1. XoOM =D

      XoOM =D

      Exody You home go Drunk

  12. Watch as the world around you collapses...

    1. VaNsTeR


      are u dieng or something like that? cuz the world isnt collapsing xD

    2. XXExodus


      Just google the best villain ever - Arthas

    3. Lenny


      @VaNsTeR lel vader 20th greatest villain character 11/10

  13. I am now an instrument of violence... I am a vessel of invincibility..

  14. Join the dark side with me,vanster and florian...

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    2. Lenny


      who is Doom Lord Demon? :wutface:

    3. FloriaNNN.


      Come with dark

    4. Messi


      How can i join?

  15. Black heart scarring darker still.....

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    2. vinto


      dark is his fate, dark is his heart

      Black is his soul

      (◥▶ ͜ʖ◀◤)

    3. FloriaNNN.


      The dark lord is here

    4. VaNsTeR


      YES! YES!

  16. Because I'm Exodus, I hate you all! :3

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    2. XXitachi


      because im itachi....eh o: i dont know why im here

    3. VaNsTeR
    4. XXExodus


      Lady who is copying you ? lol

  17. I love you Vid, and always will remember you! <3

    1. VaNsTeR


      you will always be in our hearts