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  4. Happy B-Day:D

  5. Happy Birthday Gaylord :heart:

  6. Fouzy

    GTA V Premium is free on epic games store until 21 may !!!!!!! Enjoy!
  7. Happy Birthday <3

  8. :heart:Happy Birthday :heart:

    1. Rix :V

      Rix :V

      oh shit didnt notice ty :D 

  9. i passed the rank trained pjidhioqzhuioquiof

  10. CS:GO dev team on twitter has said it's not an issue because most of the stuff was already leaked.
  11. Do u know the wae to ur heart ?

    1. Calig


      tBbeNgM.png I know da wae

  12. Thx for that! Official voices are now talking about older versions of the codes. CS:GO TF2 let's see
  13. Happy Birthday! :kermit:

  14. Happy B-Day :wub:

    1. abdellatif


      thank you brother <3


  15. Happy B-Day :heart::)

  16. Happy birthday retarded i hope u die by corona <3


    1. Fouzy


      happy birthday my friend!!!!!!:heart:

  17. Happy happy birthday! :D

    1. Migza


      Thanks! :)

  18. Happy Birthday! :pog:

    1. DNRK


      Late answer, but thank you!

  19. Happy Birthday :FeelsGoodMan:

  20. noni smooti is a big boy now hb

  21. ok its fixed now somehow, you can lock the thread.
  22. is there a server variable in the server cfg called "sv_competitive_minspec" or something like that, since that caps the fps to 59. Every setting of VSYNC is off, my game is running in high priority, fps_max is set to 999, cant go to spectate either cause my game crashes for some reason.
  23. My vsync is off globally, no need to do this. Why would that value change just on this server and not others?
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH9D__g1yqs
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