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  4. Da da, Happy Birthday. Da. :HYPERS:

    1. N3ON47


      Tak tak tak. Thank you blin :HYPERS::pepeD::pepeD::HYPERS:

  5. Tak tak tak... Happy birthday buddy! A long time we have a lot of fun in games together, especially 7 days to die XD. Wish you health, big salary and patience (to get over apex crashes morally ye).

    1. N3ON47


      Thats the most blyatiful thing anyone has ever wrote me sukiri. Thank you blincheska. :kermit::kermit:


  6. Happy B-Day Lucky! Hope u will come back some day...:cwy: ("Lucky me,lucky you")


  7. Calig

    Thanks everyone who showed up! Even thought the servers will be now closed, new ones will be opened, and we ain't going anywhere Stay tuned for more updates!
  8. Happieeee birthday :D

  9. abody

    ze_mountain_escape_v5_zy And we can try to get on the pirate ship ( all players ) in ze_icecap_escape_v3 shroom2
  10. Deadview

    Burn all jews
  11. Earlier
  12. Calig

    The nemesis event haven't never really worked out Mostly due to nemesis HP and the player count +maps. ze_l0v0l & Harry Potter, both a bit tri hard maps. Added l0v0l.
  13. ZER0

    Here is the download of this map if Calig is inserting it ze_ccc_floater_mislands_v2s
  14. Calig

    I'll make one
  15. Fouzy

    i want a new map! ze_ccc_floator.. Let do this before this best server rip its an mix of all the good maps (potc, voodoo, lotr and more) good map
  16. SniPer

    @Calig bruh that zm_wingman_v3 doesn't even exist LOL
  17. Tony Montana

    z3r0 add me in steam
  18. Tony Montana

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