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Dance Dance Revolution - Anniversary Event 2018

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How it works


- Walk to DJ to 'request' a song and start a match (a menu will pop up). After song has been picked, go stand on solo platform.

- During the match microphones will be automatically disabled.

- After the match, check console for results.

- Server also includes other songs and more difficulties you can play for fun and challenge your friends.

- It's recommended to bind your movement keys to your arrow keys. To do so, put this in the console:

bind leftarrow +moveleft; bind downarrow +back; bind rightarrow +moveright; bind uparrow +forward

- Score to beat on 'Ellie Goulding - Outside' on Insane+ difficulty: 35030 (Perfect: 251 | Good: 481 | Miss: 8 | Bad: 36 | Life left : 100 | Max Combo: 199)

*NEW REWARD* At the end of the event, player with highest level (total score) will be given 1 Month of VIP (use !top in-game)

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